Goodman AMC LLC is Africa’s leading management consulting firm. At Goodman AMC, we utilize unique strategic planning methods to advise leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. And we achieve this by taking pragmatic steps which are based on the effectiveness of our recommendation.

    We have expertise in partnering with our clients to help them improve their performance and achieve their strategic planning goals and objectives. The strength of our firm is rooted in our belief that success is derived from a collaborative process, a smart action plan, a focused approach and an unwavering commitment to deliver results.

    We are very passionate about attaining the best pragmatic and holistic results for our clients and we invest our firm’s resources in these efforts:

    Data Analytics
    Our expertise in data analytics allows us to develop insights which help our clients operating within the African terrain to……… Learn More

    Feasibility Study & Business Plan Development
    We work closely with our clients in order to understand their goals and vision while undertaking research on………Learn more

    Business and Start-up Advisory
    Goodman AMC clearly understands that, the unpredictability of the business environment in Ghana and Africa allows for…….. Learn more

    Market Entry Analysis
    When a company is considering new opportunities in emerging markets – whether through acquisition, merger or growth – it is very………. Learn more

    Industry Research & Analysis
    Goodman AMC LLC is a leading service provider of industry research services from Ghana. We operate as one of……….. Learn more

    Strategy & Idea Generation
    In these current economically volatile times, strategic planning plays a vital role more than ever. Goodman AMC provides businesses and…….. Learn more

    Proposal Writing and Development Services
    We provide expert-level proposal services to assist clients in capturing government or local level contracts for any size business .............. Learn more


    We invest in research
    At Goodman AMC LLC, we work by first undertaking a rigorous study of our client’s institutional context, industry dynamics and macroeconomic environment to get an in-depth understanding of our client’s issues. We also study the African market, trends and emerging best practices in every industry in Africa, and this allows us to develop insights that play a vital role in helping clients achieve their goals and objectives whilst operating in Africa.

    Our focus on investing in research also helps improve management practice. We publish our findings regularly and interact with sector leaders on the most significant issues confronting the various sectors and industries in Africa.

    Goodman AMC’s publications are a leading source for business insights in Africa, and provides leaders with deep insights through articles and research pieces that give an in-depth understanding of Africa’s market by supplying facts that help leaders make informed decisions on Africa.

    We are data smart
    Goodman AMC LLC has the requisite competence in its ability to capture, organize, and analyze insights from data gathered. This is an important asset for every industry in Africa. Our aim is to ensure that our clients advance at a faster rate, using data which translates into workable insights that drive results.

    We provide market analysis, performance barometers, and tailored research to enable institutions and organizations make strategic decisions in relation to their operations in Africa.